Learn Photography with Joe Markus


What is Photography made of?


Lights ...Time... Passion... Persistence... Heart... People... Speed... Movement... and Eye !

as a practicioner in Photography I've been experienced as a photographer to make photo shoot for magazines, commercial, fashion and corporates.  As a photo educator I start to teach at photography school since 2003, lectures at art & design photography department at university, conduct photo seminars and workshops for many photographic brands related & community.


I offer 1-1 / private photography mentoring for those who interest to learn photography with me. 

These one to one mentoring typically offer a more directed and engaged teaching style since you will have my complete and full attention the entire training time. 


I welcome all photography skill, levels, needs and can tailor modules to suits your needs and interests.  


Please check the available modules and learning concept description below and if you need more information or inquieres about mentoring please don't hesitate to contact my email me at joemarkus@gmail.com 


Thank you & warmest Regards


Joe Markus



Essential Exposure

Take your photography to the next level !

This module is designed to help you to master shooting in manual mode. You will learn how to meter in-camera, control your exposure and white balance while making informed decisions about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in order to achieve your vision in-camera. This module also available for small group mentoring

Lights & Shadow

studio lighting learning module.

this is an introduction module to learn lights shaping in studio photography - 

Student will learn how to explore creative lighting using various lighting equipment. By learning the basics and character of studio lighting. After learning this module you can start evaluating light from a subject centric approach — teaching you how to create creative lighting.


You have taken your passion into photography. And you have taken time to find your passion. Now it's time to make a story.

This mentoring module provides photography curation, advice, and how to make a photo story



This module takes a practical approach to explaining the aesthetic of composition while optimizing yout camera operation.

Module also explores methods of creating visually dynamic photographs for a better photography experience.

To join this module you have to already unsderstand the camera workflow/ essential exposure concept


This is a module for you who wants to learn and explore the art of creative motion, speed and also long exposure photography

This module also include learning Night Photography 



Being food lover myself, I always enjoys shooting culinary subjects. understanding of concept of light & art in food, and appreciation of quality culinary arrangement made every shot become a visual delicacy for the food itself. Contact me if you want to learn Food Photography. I will be delighted to share techniques & shoot with you