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photography teacher live #passionatelyphotography

i teach photography at photo workshop, seminar, photo course, and university. i started teach since 2003. i enjoyed all the years i experienced as a photo teacher. Live changes and the world moving very fast we need to share our passion and knowledge with other. So the passion can live on

I enjoy teaching all of student type. these various people and different needs of learning from various students. every students has their own uniquness . different personality. mind and character. with teaching them i have the pleasured to understand everyone uniquness it also give me an extra ordinary self learning and self improvement. Their motivated me. What I have come from and what i want to be. Teaching photography grows creativity from our limitations, not just choices.

I am like a pathfinder for the students. Especially because the very dynamic world of photography industries. Students look at me and i feel recharged creatively when i teach them. I want to prepare them the best so they can be great in the market of photography. Either they going to be a professional, fine art photographer or photography related business owner

As a photography teacher, the most telling questions from students are, how do you do that? and why you do it that way? what is art in this picture? is this photography ? and i always want them to be very critical in the way of seeing. to me light and passion is very essential. we need to understand visual photography realtionship which express more concept and the way of seeing

For new learner student currently i design modules journey of learning photography. These modules are programs in which I have practice photography, in approximate order, ongoing and most recent at best perception of photography. I am aware that I am not every student’s indulgence or cup of coffee, indeed, I sharing best of the purpose to satisfy everyone (",


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